Tyler Posey Smolders In 'DA MAN' Magazine

Tyler Posey in a Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater for "DA MAN" magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of "DA MAN"

Well, isn't THIS a sight for sore eyes?! It feels like AEONS have passed since I last saw a new image of the angled jaw and tousled dark locks of Mister Tyler Posey (as we all know, I live in the internet and can only experience people by bounding from picture to picture). What with the season finale of Teen Wolf happening ages ago and Tyler busy filming his lead role in White Frog, it's as if I've been walking around, a veritable SHELL of a human, until this delicious editorial spread for DA MAN magazine finally breathed life into my veins. The combination of that smoldering gaze, hands scrunched up in his luscious locks, casually perched against the back of a chair, and that pristine preppy-athletic Marc by Marc Jacobs striped sweater is almost too much to handle after so much time apart. But we're not complaining because uhh, hellooooo, nurse, AMIRITE?? *sops up puddle of drool from top of coffee lid with shirt hem*

Tyler Posey in an AllSaints jacket, Emporio Armani shirt and tie, and Burberry pants for "DA MAN" magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of "DA MAN"

Dawww! In a leather AllSaints blazer paired with Burberry trousers and an Emporio Armani shirt and tie, he's a little bit schoolboy but with a lick of edge. It reminds us of one of the many beauties of Tyler Posey: his ability to vacillate between eye-bugging, slobber-conjuring "Mama like!" looks and a toothy grin that encourages, "No, really, your mom would actually like me."

Tyler Posey in an Emporio Armani jacket for "DA MAN" magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of "DA MAN"

Excuse me, were we not just talking about how the world (by which I really mean the interwebz) doesn't get to see your face enough?? Get that collar and notch lapel of your Emporio Armani jacket (marbled and lovely as it may be) the EFF off it!

Tyler Posey in a Ben Sherman suit, John Varvatos shirt and scarf, and Emporio Armani shoes for "DA MAN" magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of "DA MAN"

Is this pose not soooo "Oh, hey, I...didn't see you there"?? All "caught" and "surprised"-looking, but in actuality, he could totally feel us walking toward him, so after zhuzhing up his scarf a little, he tucked his hands into his pockets, trying to look nonchalant. But then he shot us this Zoolander glance, and we were all, "Get real, Posey." Get it?!! POSE-Y?? Like, it's his name AND what he was doing?! Annnnd this is when I put the coffee down...Happy Friday, y'all!

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