Tavi Interviews Chloe Sevigny About Skate Threads And Fashion Weirdos

Tavi Gevinson attends the Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones gala in NYC; Chloe Sevigny shops at Other Music in NYC.
Photo: Getty Images

If you've ever wanted a crash course on how cool it was in the '90s from the kewlest girl of the decade, aka Chloe Sevigny, but have desired a more in-depth, insider-y peek into the ins and outs of cute skater boys, teenage bedrooms, and being a weirdo in a small town, then there's no better interviewer than Tavi Gevinson. An über-fan of both "Chloe Sevs" and the 10-year span that brought us grunge, baby-doll dresses, and platform sneakers, Tavi has textbook knowledge of that time period even though she was only a toddler for the latter half of it. She obsessively chronicled both the music and the style of the decade on her personal blog, which has carried over onto her new online magazine, Rookie, and she recently interviewed Chloe ("the girl crush to end all girl crushes") about the new Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony resort collection. Not only did the two discuss Chloe's Vision Street Wear inspiration, they talked about wall collages and how fashion has always embraced the weird.

While Chloe's Opening Ceremony collection has elements taken from '90s skater style (hence the collaboration with the ultimate skate company of that decade, Vision Street Wear) the collection also includes kicky leather dresses with zip-off skirts or flower eyelets, bustiers, coral jeans, handcuff-adorned purses, and flouncy skirts with leather garter-belt motifs. It has a teenage wasteland appeal, which Chloe says came from her "troublemaker" past paired with wanting "finer pieces" in the collection. Both Tavi and Chloe admit that buying swimsuits is a drag (Tavi states, "I don't swim! That's like, athletic...") and they discuss an apocalyptic/magical inspiration trip Chloe took to China for the collection. But the part of the interview we loved the most was when Tavi asked her about what it was like to start out as a weirdo and then finally find herself going from outsider to insider. Chloe answered, "Fashion embraces the weirdos. They're into that. There are always young people that people in fashion are interested in. You know, youth and vitality and energy—it brings something different." We say amen to that.

{via Rookie}

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