Sneak A Peek At Dakota Fanning's Full-Skirted And Luxurious 'Effie' Wardrobe

Dakota Fanning on the set of "Effie."
Photo: Splash News

Dakota Fanning (along with her sister, Elle) are esteemed style stars 'round these here parts of MTV, but never have we ever seen her looking this sort of, erm, fashionable before. OK, OK, obvi this is for a movie and girl isn't ACTUALLY traipsing around Europe in a crinoline petticoat in this internet age, but the stark contrast between Dakota's on-set styling and her own sartorial preferences is way captivating, right? The eldest Fanning dons these Victorian duds for her role as title character Euphemia Gray in 2012's Effie, a film about the relationship between 19th century art critic John Ruskin and his teenage bride.

Dakota Fanning on the set of "Effie."
Photo: Getty Images

Effie is costumed by THE Ruth Myers, Oscar-nominated costume designer for Emma, The Addams Family, and a grip of other fantastically suited films. For her role as leading lady to an ARTIST, it was très important that Effie be consistently dressed to the nines. Dakota is swaddled in yards of luxurious fabrics, and we're talking several arms' length worth of taffetas, satin, velvet, and furs. On top of that, she's exquisitely accessorized with prim floral fascinators and charming tiaras. While we have no idea what the footwear situation is (though we're positive the shoes are fabulously historically accurate), our need for phalangeal coverage is satiated by the host of elbow-length gloves Dakota rocks in these behind-the-scenes shots.

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