Lisa Frank Apparel Is A '90s Baby's Dream

Lisa Frank Clothing Line

Lisa Frank apparel.
Photo: Courtesy of Lisa Frank

Hey '90s babies, get excited! You have lived long enough to witness the triumphant return of Lisa Frank. Yes, that Lisa Frank whom you were unabashedly, inexplicably obsessed with in grade school. bought the bedroom set, covered your Trapper Keeper in stickers and spent way too many hours brushing your prancing unicorn’s hair? Now, you can wear Lisa! That’s right, Lisa Frank did what every huge celebrity does and designed a line of apparel. GAG! Let’s take a look at the designs, shall we?

Haven’t you been waiting your WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE to parade around in a shirt with dancing rainbow dolphins? How cool is that?! And the third grader in me is doing backflips down the school hallway at the mere THOUGHT of purple and brown tie-dye shorts (above, right). Mark our words: Katy Perry is going to live in these. We’re even sooooorta not completely mad about grossmazing retro stuff like the polar fleece (above, right) and the mega retro patchwork denim skirt. BUT we wish it looked more like a mash-up between Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and Jeremy Scott but with ANIMALS! Can you imagine 3-D unicorn hair sprouting from a sweatshirt in every direction? #GENIUS.

JCDC Jeremy Scott Dresses

A look from Jean-Charles de Castelbajac's spring 2010 collection and Jeremy Scott's fall 2009 collection.
Photo: Getty Images

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