Florence Welch Is An Ethereal Goddess On 'Vogue UK,' Admits Favorite Footwear Is Bare Feet

Florence Welch Vogue UK

Florence Welch on the January 2012 cover of "Vogue UK"
Photo: Courtesy of "Vogue UK"

Sometimes you spot magazine covers that stop you dead in your tracks and make you think, "Oh, wowwwowowow. She looks beautiful!" That's basically what happened when we peeped Florence Welch on the January cover of Vogue UK—well, that mixed with two straight minutes of creepy ogling and a few tinges of jealously. I mean, how can you NOT be slightly in love with Florence? She's got a powerhouse of a voice and killer style to boot. On the cover she exudes her typical ethereal beauty in a flowy light blue pleated Chloe gown, fiery red waves, and a serious smokey eye. But there's something to be said about a lady who IMMEDIATELY caught the eye of one of fashion's biggest names—she's a surefire style icon. Karl Lagerfeld has deemed her his "favorite singer of the moment," and told Vogue UK, "I think she’s a genius. She looks like a great English lady, but in fact is a very funny young girl." Florence recalls her first time meeting Karl in Paris when she was extremely hungover and says, "He was holding my hand and he was like, 'Ah, you'ff got zuch fantastic zkin, zere's not a pore on your face!'" Dang, girl IS funny. Like we need any more reasons to love her!

Other than her goofy 'tude, we also discovered some other interesting tidbits about Ms. Welch: Her second favorite footwear is brogues, but only after bare feet! She said she ends most of her parties with her feet covered in blood. "As soon as I get into party mode, I'm like: "Shoes gone! I don't need shoes!'"

And, this part surprises us most; even though she's a fashion muse who often dons tons of to-die-for ensembles and sits front row at all the biggest shows, she still doesn't think she'll ever be able to look polished. "I'm just integrally slightly scruffy. You know you meet those women who are so cool? I'm striiiiiving for that so much! And I'm always too flustered." Aw, Florence, we definitely beg to differ! But she insists even further when she remembers when she walked out on the promenade once with Karl Lagerfeld in Paris. "Did you see the way I walked out with him? All the models were like these beautiful sea anemones and seahorses, and there I was, like a big jellyfish! Going, bloob bloob bloob!"

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