Selena Gomez Wants You To Help Customize Her New Perfume; Will Fly 10 Voters Out For Final Selections

Selena Gomez wants your help deciding her new fragrance.
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Love her or loathe her, Selena Gomez is a smart girl. I, for one, will officially go on the record to state that I'm a card-carrying Selenator, but make no mistake, my interwebz applause of this girl's (and her management's) smart business decisions is grounded in logic versus mere Stan-dom. You see, as much as screaming ladyfans 'round the globe envy her coveted position as girlfriend to THE Justin Bieber, it has to be tough to work alongside THAT. It's hard enough trying to carve out your own career in television, film, music, retail, and PERFUMES, but to do so while your beau is not just doing the same but is totally killing it in a way that seems so effortless (though we're sure Biebs does his fair share of rolling his sleeves up for his empire) can be a little maddening. However, here is where Sel separates herself from the amateurs. Instead of shrinking into the shadow of the Biebs, girl is using her status as right-hand lady to pop music's wonder boy, learning from her man and applying what works.

Knowing most of his fanbase consists of girls (or grown women who make pictures of him at Disney World as their desktop wallpaper at work #sorryimnotsorry), Justin's "Someday" takes a different spin on the ubiquitous celebrity-backed fragrance as one crafted by a dude but for the ladies. So many celeb fragrances are sold under the guise of "I think this scent really represents me/my personality/my life journey/my [insert noun here]" in hopes that star power alone will move the bottles off the shelves without thinking about the person they want to wear it. The truth is: Everyone knows spritzing a little scented water/oil on your person isn't going to sound brain alarms laced with images of your favorite pop star for the nearby smeller. You either like a fragrance or you don't, so Justin's fragrance is made (and/or marketed) with the fans, y'know the consumers, in mind. Bieber & co.'s decision to buck the celeb-scent status quo was a successful one, and one on which girlfriend Selena has been taking notes.

Selena's keeping the fans in mind with her fragrance, too, but instead of competing with her boy's method, she has one of her own. Instead of creating something and decreeing to her fans what smells good, she's asking Selenators to call the shots and is crowdsourcing the notes of her fragrance with a quick, painless online vote. Voters can choose the top, heart, and base notes of the scent from raspberry to purple freesia to vanilla. What's more, the first 100,000 participants will receive a free sample of the perfume before it hits stores. EVEN BETTER, 10 lucky voters will be flown to New York to help decide on the final scent, laugh about how it's totally going to crush "Someday" in sales, and celebrate with Selena herself! #pickmepickmepickme

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