Lil Wayne Rocks A Neon Fanny Pack With Leopard Shorts And Giant Yellow Trapper Hat

Lil Wayne MTV2 Sucker Free Awards

Lil Wayne arriving at the MTV2 Sucker Free Awards in Miami.
Photo: Picture Group/Jeff Daly/Paul Emmans

If there's anyone who isn't afraid of making a bold, clashing, totally ridiculous yet incredibly audacious style statement, it's Lil Wayne. Weezy's the king of his own kingdom, you know, and he doesn't give a gizzard's glip if you think what he's wearing is fashionable or not. That's what makes it fashionable, you see. That's why we may have to foreshadow a style trend yet to come courtesy of the Weez, because when the dude throws on something crazy and throws it on TWICE, it's the sign of things to come, be it in the form of his forthcoming fashion line or simply a style choice adopted by the masses. Thus, we're here to proclaim that Lil's latest cray-cray fashion moment may have singlehandedly resurrected the fanny pack. Yes, you read that right. The FANNY PACK. Weezy arrived at the inaugural 2011 Sucker Free Awards in Miami wearing leopard shorts, a white graphic tee, red high-tops, and the most neon-tastic yellow fanny pack evah (worn in front of his fanny, mind you) by MTV Style faves Joyrich. (Holla!) Is this the same neon fanny pack he sports in B.o.B's video for "Strange Clouds"? Also, what's with this mammoth yellow trapper hat?

So, we have to say that the fanny pack Weezy wore to the Sucker Free Awards (and which he performed in) was slightly different from the one he donned in the video. But, no matter, what's important here is that he's wearing a fanny pack to begin with and boasting this see-through accoutrement with PRIDE. Just what's in your bag, Weez-man? Travel-size Kleenex? A money clip? Errant packet of Skittles? We have a feeling it must be a plethora of manly treasures he doesn't mind others peeping. For some bizarre reason—as is often the case with Lil Wayne—this whole look seems to work, though, even with the addition of the oversized fur trapper hat that actually matches the fanny pack. We keep thinking that our eyes should be hurting when we look at this, but they don't. Lil Wayne's skewed skater style actually makes us smile. Congrats on winning Best Crew of 2011, Weezy!

lil wayne sucker free awards

From left: Lil Wayne and Birdman arrive at the Sucker Free Awards; Lil Wayne performing at the awards.
Photo: Picture Group/Jeff Daly/Paul Emmans

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