Jessie J Rocks Hot Pants On 'Cosmopolitan UK' Cover, Reveals More Details On Head-Shaving Plans

Jessie J Cosmopolitan UK

Jessie J on the December 2011 cover of "Cosmopolitan UK."
Photo: Courtesy of "Cosmopolitan UK"

Trust us: You haven't lived until you've seen Jessie J WERQUE gold hot pants on the cover of a magazine. And is that a polka dot corset we see? SWOON. The British icon-in-the-making brings her sartorial amazingness to Cosmopolitan UK for the cover of its December 2011 issue.

Flaunting her signature shiny black bob, the 23-year-old singer gets candid in the interview, opening up about ladycrushes (she's harboring a fierce one on Rihanna!) and further details on her impending plans to shave her head for a good cause. "I'm shaving my head for charity. It's definitely happening if I raise a million, which I think I will...I'm quite excited at getting rid of the bob. People say 'but your hair is so nice.' But I can wear wigs. No one would ever know. And if I can save some lives then that's amazing." So. Selfless.

For even more Jessie J (HANDLE IT!), check out this behind-the-scenes video of her shoot with all the gold lamé, crystals, fluorescence, blunt bangs, and row upon row of OPI polish your heart desires: