Nail Art Inspired By Pieces You Can't Actually Afford To Get Your Hands On (Like Those Miu Mius!)

Nail Art Miu Miu

The glitter Miu Miu ankle booties and nail art inspired by them.
Photo: Courtesy of Net-A-Porter and

Listen, we know what it's like to have fashion magazines, blogs and, well, straight-up RICH PEOPLE flaunt all their fashionable goodies in your direction like it ain't no thang. We know you've stared at bloggers' outfits and added up how much their entire ensemble costs only to realize it's more than your weekly paycheck. And you know what? We're here for you! We know this sounds like a therapy sesh (OK, it kinda is), but if you're seriously inspired by a product you see, there's something you can do about it—take it out on your nails! Who needs a bajillion dollar bag when you can recreate the print right on your fingertips? Lately we've been spotting some KILLER nail art inspired some goodies we know we'll never be able to afford—just like those Miu Miu heels you see above! Elizabeth Monson over at MoveSlightly recreated the famous glitter booties with Chanel's "Holographic" polish as the base, light pink for the suede straps, and black to outline the edges jussstttt like the booties. Personally, we think those nails look like a million BUCKS compared to the nearly $900 shoes, AND she's got some serious nail art talent to boot. Take that!

Nail Art Versace H&M

A Versace for H&M jacket and nails inspired by the collection.
Photo: Courtesy of H&M and

AHAHHAHA, remember the Versace for H&M collection?! You should because it JUST happened, but the main problem was, um, actually GETTING the items. Unless you were willing to call out sick from work to wait in line outside the store (we'd rather just go to work, honestly), there's no chance in HECK you're gettin' your grubby hands on anything from that line—especially that amazeballs jacket that Nicki Minaj wore. SIIIGGGH. I mean, you could buy it on eBay for $180 (WUT), but thankfully Julia from the FingerPaintz Tumblr dedicated her nail art to the entire collection so we can feel better about ourselves! We spy a little bit of geometric silver and black metallic art, some classic black on white stained glass window effects with blue tips, blue to green ombre leopard (our fave, obvs!), and an AMAZING classic Versace floral print on the thumb. All shall bow down to Julia!

Nail Art Christopher Kane

A Christopher Kane aqua gel-filled clutch and nails inspired by the bag.
Photo: Courtesy of Net-A-Porter and

Back on Elizabeth's blog, she recreated nails from quite possibly one of THE most memorable accessories of the fall 2011 season—that Christopher Kane aqua gel-filled PVC clutch that costs, oh, only $720. It oozes (literally, heh) bright pink and purple colors that are constantly changing shape, and Elizabeth definitely reflected that look on her nails. She used Deborah Lippmann sheer purple with Essie neon pink and swirled the polishes together while they were still wet. When it was still a wee bit tacky, she took her brush and drew wavy lines on top. Perfect!

Nail Art Missoni

A Target for Missoni ensemble and nails inspired by the pattern.
Photo: Courtesy of Target and

If there's one collab you DEFINITELY had a hard time getting your hands on, it was the Missoni x Target collection. That thing is SOLD. OUT. and has been for, like, ever. (Don't even search it on eBay unless you want to feel REALLY sad.) Chelsea Kings over at the Get Nail-D Tumblr recreated the famous Missoni zig zag print BEAUTIFULLY, and we'll bet it didn't cost her a pretty penny. All you need is 5 polishes, a toothpick, some serious patience, and you're golden. See? Being thrifty doesn't look so bad, eh?

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