Justin Bieber Officially Brings The Band Jacket Back For Disney Christmas Special

Justin Bieber performs in a band jacket at Disney World.
Photo: Getty Images

At the first appearance of Justin Bieber in a gold-buttoned double-breasted topper, we mulled over whether the Biebs was willfully channeling The King of Pop in hopes of ushering in a new era for the band jacket. Judging from his resurgence of the style for his (pre-taped) performance for the 2011 Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade, we're posting a decree that Justin is making it his personal mission to bring the drum major look back to mainstream status.

We'll have to wait until the holiday season passes to see if the style sticks as more than a festive performance outfit, but Bieber making this his signature silhouette is definitely a style move we could get behind. Other than the obvious subconscious brain connections you make between the 17-year-old and Michael when you see Justin in one of these band jackets—holding tiptoe poses no less—the fact is, this look is super flattering on the dude. The way the positioning of the buttons come together in two concave lines, flaring out wide at the shoulders to broaden his frame (HAI, MANLY)? The discreet but aesthetically necessary zipper details that add a punch of edge and real street quality to keep Biebs from looking like he was plucked straight out of The Music Man? That rich cobalt blue and sueded finish? What's not to love??

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