Darren Criss, Dianna Agron, And Kevin McHale Take 'Glee'-ful Fashion Risks At Trevor Live!

darren criss, dianna agron, kevin mchale trevor project trevor live

Darren Criss, Dianna Agron, and Kevin McHale at the Trevor Project's Trevor Live! event in L.A.
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It's been quite a year for the young cast of the hit TV show Glee. From their headline-making storylines involving teen bullying to their collective fashion debut on the pages of Vogue magazine (not to mention cast shakeups, new additions to New Directions, and rumors involving what will happen when some characters graduate), it's been one heck of a season thus far. We here at MTV Style always get excited when we spot a "Glee-ite" on the red carpet too, especially when it's for a good cause. Cast members Darren Criss, Dianna Agron, and Kevin McHale recently attended the Trevor Live event benefitting theThe Trevor Project, an organization that provides crisis intervention for LGBTQ youth. Aside from stepping out in their Sunday best for an important cause, the trio took some major fashion risks too.

Not only has Darren Criss become a bona fide STAH thanks to his scene-stealing turn as Blaine on Glee, he's done the same for the red carpet with a tendency to pair a sharp suit with one dazzling smile. The boy turned it out again at Trevor Live in a maroon Versace suit tailored with a healthy dose of sartorial splendor. Though maroon is not a typical color worn by the male species (as it can often clash with the harshness of a particularly crimson carpet), Mr. C wore it well. Kevin McHale took the biggest risk of the night in a black suit sans tie but accentuated the overall monochromatic look with a man-kilt for just the right touch of Scots sass. Unlike his Glee counterpart, Artie, McHale left his glasses at home and struck a confident pose that proved his allegiance to the world of fashion (it was revealed in Vogue that he's the most stylish member of the bunch).

dianna agron trevor project trevor live

Dianna Agron's hair at Trevor Live! in Los Angeles
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Dianna Agron is no stranger to taking stylish risks that work. She recently underwent a complete transformation in the pages of Nylon magazine and has already caused paparazzi gridlock for a shot of her pink bob earlier this year. Well, Miss A truly classed it up for the Trevor Project event in a black midi halter dress with a jeweled collar and completely bare back. While the dress and matching jeweled earrings were elegant, that's not what caught our eye. For us, it was all about La Hair, which was a teased up, slicked-back confection of modern, minimal chic. Also, holy moly, does this gal have some lustrous skin or what? We're digging the faintly copper eyeshadow paired with simple liner (which totally brought out her hazel eyes) along with a natural blush and hint of lipstick. All in all, all three Glee-bees took some solid red carpet risks, that—rumor has it—had us breaking out into song.

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