Kim Kardashian's Lip Tattoo And Justin Bieber's Take On The Ugly Christmas Sweater Top Our Headlines Of The Week

Kim Kardashian Lip Tattoo

Kim Kardashian with a checkered lip tattoo.
Photo: Courtesy of Kim Kardashian

• It may not have been the first time we've ever seen the outrageous pout-enhancers, but Kim Kardashian's checkered lip tattoo really made a splash this week. While the print could conjure up visions of '50s diner floor tiling or a nod to ska, Kim paired them with a sequined tuxedo jacket and a smart bow tie.

• December finally being under way, everyone, especially celebs, are getting into the holiday spirit. This week, we spotted Justin Bieber wearing his version of an ugly Christmas sweater and later caught his boo, Selena, wearing a festive ensemble of her own.

• We interviewed the amazing costume designer for Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Michael Wilkinson, and got allll the deets about Bella's two wedding dresses, getting Robert Pattinson to wear shorts, and who made that black lacy lingerie K.Stew rocked in the honeymoon night scene.

• For, like, two seconds, Twi-dude Kellan Lutz had a Mohawk, and they were two of the best seconds of our week. He promptly shaved it off the next day. Was it something we said?? #sadface

• Things got SUPER juicy on this week's episode of Gossip Girl. We recapped the newest plot twists, the Chuck-Blair dramz, and all those metallic-laden fashion credits from the Studio 54 party.

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