Alexa Chung's New '24 Hour Catwalk' Show Has Catfights, Capes, Tears, And...Snakes?


Alexa Chung at the British Embassy in Paris to celebrate the new Burberry store.
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We've seemingly had every kind of fashion-related, runway-based, catwalk-challenge TV show imaginable, but there's always room for one more. Enter Alexa Chung's new show, 24 Hour Catwalk, which is set to debut on Lifetime on Jan. 10. From what we've seen so far, it looks to be a super crazy, amped-up version of the network's other fashion mainstay, Project Runway, only with way more hiss-fights, tears, and an even tighter deadline to deliver a three-look collection with the assistance of a sewing team. While we didn't get to see much in the way of actual outfits in the first preview of the show, what we did see was some mega sass-mouthing from the judges, including designer Cynthia Rowley, media and communications mogul James LaForce, and fashion writer Derek Blasberg. The show also appears to have selected a motley assortment of CRAYBEES (aka cray-baby designers, aka highly entertaining reality show people, aka ratings gold). Also? There are LIVE SNAKES that we hope won't be used to make a dress.

So, in the first preview, we see that Alexa will be giving the design contestants a challenge, and the two winners of that challenge will go on to design a collection in 24 hours with the help of a sewing team. One challenge concerns a trunk in front of each contestant that they are asked to open. Inside each one is a super scary, live, writhing, Fear Factor-style snake. (Yes, there's some screaming involved.) Another challenge causes judge Cynthia Rowley to say, "This is the worst thing I've ever seen" (yikes!) while another one causes James LaForce to utter, "This is 24 Hour Catwalk not 24-hour sidewalk."

There are cuts of people freaking out, shouting "disaster!" and generally screaming uncontrollably or crying buckets of tears (there are even tears from the judges), so we hope this means there'll be some sort of gown that marks the second coming of Comme des Garcons. We also get to meet a dude named "Indashio!" who really wants you to remember his name and notice his flair for voluminous capes, throwing himself into his garments (literally) and taking the reins as the attention-seeker of the show (hope his clothes do just the same). All in all, this looks like Project Runway's edgier little sister, with hosting duties helmed by one of the kewlest girls in fashion and bold-name judges who are extremely adept at snappy one-liners. In short, 24 Hour Catwalk looks like a fashion-laden cauldron of CRAY that will have us tuning in on a regular basis...and not just to see what Alexa's wearing (though that's reason enough).

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