Kat Dennings Is Our Holiday Party-Attired Inspiration On The Cover Of 'Bust,' Kills It In Gold Collar


Kat Dennings on the cover of the Dec/Jan issue of "Bust" magazine.
Photo: Sheryl Nield/"Bust" magazine

Kat Dennings is on the December/January cover of Bust magazine, and Holy Mary Mother of MEOW, does she look exactly how we want to look at every single holiday party this season. From the rosy-tinted makeup and cat-lined eyes to that gold Louis Vuitton collar that is on the wish list of the entire MTV Style staff, this cover look screams COVETABLE and also INSANELY ADORABLE. Are we gushing enough? No? OK, look at Kat's luscious tendrils. Y'all, that's one healthy mane and makes us think maybe the pixie cut is over? Because we're digging this au naturel '70s gorgie girl look with the wind machine waves. Whew, we don't mean to creep you out, but we, like the fine gals over at Bust, have a mayyyyjahhh girl crush on Miss D. Did we mention there's a whole photo spread featuring Kat wearing the exact velvet cape we've been hoping to wear on New Year's Eve?

So you're probably well aware that Miss Dennings is currently starring in the hit TV show 2 Broke Girls, in which she plays an acerbic waitress working in a Brooklyn diner. Even though the show has a live audience (aka an enhanced laugh track) and is filmed on a sound stage vs. on location, there's something very real about her delivery and performance within the context of the sitcom setting. The same could be said about her easygoing real-life demeanor as evidenced in the accompanying Bust article, in which she discusses working on a show created and written by women as well as having an intense schedule that leaves her eating jars of marinara sauce for dinner. Kudos to the mag, too, for putting her in clothing we can see ourselves wearing, like the vintage black velvet Anna Sui cape with silver beading (perf for New Year's Eve!) and the black nails adorned with an oversized Alexander McQueen ring. We also like that K.D. is a feminist and tells the magazine, "Women are sexy—the end. And you can use that power if you want to, but there's a certain even more powerful element to not using it; just leading with other things—how smart you are, how funny you are...I think it's really good for men to see a girl like that on TV." (PREACH!) We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Kat Dennings Bust Magazine

Kat Dennings wearing a vintage Anna Sui cape and Alexander McQueen ring in "Bust" magazine.
Photo: Sheryl Nield/"Bust" magazine

{via BUST}

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