Ryan Gosling Channels A Totally Smokin' Dick Tracy On The Set Of 'Gangster Squad'

Ryan Gosling Gangster Squad

Ryan Gosling on the set of "Gangster Squad"
Photo: Splash News

Yes, we love Ryan Gosling. It's not a secret, and we're pretty sure you love him, too, because, really, how could you NOT? Dude breaks up street fights, wears PJs to film festivals, isn't afraid of super tight suit pants, and he really loves his dog. He's a real human being—and a real hero—and ZOMG now he's a GANGSTER?! Wait, no, scratch that. He's actually playing an LAPD officer back in the '40s/'50s for the new movie Gangster Squad, and photos from the set have made their way to the interwebs with The Gos prowling around in pinstripe, Dick Tracy-esque, three-piece period suiting complete with suave fedora, brown oxfords (which appear to match his floral tie), and some sort of vintage timepiece with leather straps that we imagine smell like a blend of tobacco, Aqua Velvet, and true love.

All we know about this movie is that it's directed by Ruben Fleischer of Zombieland fame and also stars Emma Stone, but judging from the photos, it looks like a dramatic period piece with The Gos as a totally stylin' police officer who probably breaks a few hearts along the way. We love that he seems to be documenting the adventure on his iPhone too. *Cough* ahem *cough*, VERIFIED TWITTER, bro. Why don't you start posting pics of (your reflection in) the craft services van? Or you could twitpic some cool pocket watch chains or ask us (#heygirl) which pinstripes we prefer. Now THAT would be gangsta.

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