Lady Gaga Is An Armani Zombie And Glam Panda For Her Grammy Nominations Performances

lady gaga marry the night grammy nominations

Lady Gaga peforming "Marry the Night" for The Grammy Nominations Concert Live.
Photo: Getty Images

Happy "Marry the Night" video premiere day! Last night, Lady Gaga gave us a preview of the energy behind the song as she opened The Grammy Nominations Live concert singing it in full-on Zombie Boy makeup regalia that also included a custom-made Giorgio Armani black jersey and Swarovski-crystal encrusted bodysuit and blazer topped with voluminous puffy coat. She did her best zombie stare while belting the song with slicked-back blonde hair and laced-up heeled booties that wielded some serious cajones-kicking power. She tore up the stage with a dozen zombie dancers before mounting a futuristic tractor (as you do) and making it clear that this song is something special. Thus, tonight's premiere of the self-directed, 13-minute-long music video (8 p.m. ET on E!) might just eat our brains. Did we mention she also performed a Grammy Live version of "You and I" with Sugarland and did so with Marilyn Monroe hair and panda eyes?

lady gaga grammy nominations

Lady Gaga performs for The Grammy Nominations Live concert and for The Grammy Museum's Educational Initiatives benefit.
Photo: Getty Images

Aside from nabbing three Grammy Award nominations and performing two of her songs, Gaga performed a special concert benefitting The Grammy Museum's educational initiatives (paws UP, y'all) and did so in a black dress and fishnets plus Marilyn hair, blood lips, and PANDA EYES. She wore the same hair and makeup look for her "You and I" performance sung with Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles (seriously, it was GAHMAZING and you should totally watch it) but the look included a costume change into a glorious Marilyn-esque black Armani gown complete with giant bow on the back. In short, Mother Monster KILLED IT. Again. She pretty much married our night, too.

lady gaga grammy museum educational initiatives benefit

Lady Gaga performs at a concert benefitting The Grammy Museum's Educational Initiatives.
Photo: Getty Images

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