Pharrell Really Loves His Mickey Mouse Pin Military Hat, Wears Almost The Same Outfit Two Days In A Row

Pharrell wears his military hat two days in a row: at Art Basel Miami Beach on Nov. 30 and at the Dior pop-up shop in Miami City on Nov. 29.
Photo: WireImage/Getty Images

We're a WEE bit obsessed with Pharrell over here at MTV Style. OK, that's a lie. We're SUPER DUPER obsessed with Pharrell, but honestly, how can you not be?! His style is out of control amazing, and over the past couple of days he has NOT come up short in the "Incredible Ensemble" department. First he shows up to the Dior pop-up shop in Miami City (above right) DECKED. OUT. from head to toe in a red leather motorcycle jacket (very Michael Jackson, no?), a white V-neck tee, distressed denim jeans, and a gray sweater tied around his waist (Kurt Cobain would've been proud!). The best part of this outfit is DEFINITELY the accessories—he wears a thick platinum and diamond chain necklace, self-painted black boots (yeah, that's a DIY Chanel logo on there. NBD.), and *gasp* a military hat with MICKEY MOUSE PINS ON IT. We have no idea where he picked that beaut up, but this hodgepodge outfit kiiiinnnddaa makes us super warm and fuzzy inside, and we love it. Little did we know, Pharrell loved it too! He wore baaasically the exact same ensemble the day after—his same killer hat, necklace, and shoes, but this time he swapped out his red moto jacket for a black one, his white V-neck for green, his jean pants for jean shorts, and a flannel shirt instead of the gray one tied around his waist. Uh-mazing. But wait, you didn't think we'd just let you leave without seeing a MEGA close-up of that amazeballs hat, did you? Don't worry, we gotchu girl.

A close-up of Pharrell's Micket Mouse military hat at Art Basel Miami Beach on Nov. 30.
Photo: WireImage

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