Lady Gaga Is Windswept And Whimsical On British 'Elle'

Lady Gaga covers the January 2012 issue of British "Elle."
Photo: Courtesy of "Elle" UK

To say that Lady Gaga is "on a roll" by adding this cover of British Elle to her arsenal of glossy-gracing conquests would not only be a vast understatement but probably warrant some stank eye or two pregnant with the all-too-clear message of, "Gurl, where have you BEEN?" It's not like she's just all of a sudden ev-uh-ree-where. Girl has been straight dominating life since inking the first word of "Just Dance." From there, her star has only skyrocketed at breakneck speed, like "BLAST OFF" speed, like "Quick, someone help me buckle this seat belt!!", like "I'm goooin' off the raaails on a crazy traaaaiiiiinnnn" *crickets*....*achem* ANYWAY, the point here is that it's not necessarily new to see Gaga's face on the nearest newsstand, but what IS notable is the wonderful job she does making each subsequent sighting of her visage feel so fresh, like such uncharted land for your oculars, that it hardly matters.

Donning the thick-banged bob style that Mother Monster has been rocking intermittently all year, Gaga snaps a soft glance back at the camera. Her luminous skin and flaxen hair against the white seamless create such happy-making good feelings on our brains and provide the perfect backdrop for all that seafoam netting (sidenote: Are you there, Yüyi?) and the exquisiteness that is that brown smokey eye. Also, coverlines. Of course. All the lightness and pretty pastels are drawing us up out of thoughts of dropping temps and frozen precipitation into a world plush with greenery, where fairy dust is real and everyone is provided with personal wind machines. Peep Elle UK's behind-the-cover-shoot video for more Gaga goodness!

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