Like Stacking Bracelets? It's Time To Revisit The Retro Tradition Of Stacking Swatches

From L to R: I Am a Child of the Night, Kidrobot Shout-Out, Jeremy Scott Double Vision, and Vanishing Time Swatches.
Photo: Courtesy of Swatch

One of the biggest trends at the mo' is stacking a ton of mismatched bracelets up your arm. Not only is this a fantastic way to add a pop of color to your ensemble, it's a fun way to wear the heck out of all of the odd bracelets collecting dust in your jewelry box (or you mom's for that matter). Bracelet stacking has been around forevs, and while I'm all for a hearty stack, I've been looking for a way to change up my usual stack routine. Inspiration struck when I popped into the Swatch store and beheld a bevy of watch faces in a veritable cornucopia of rainbow prints and hues. Eureka! Why not revisit the age-old tradition of SWATCH STACKING? While hardly a new concept (stacking multiple Swatches was all the rage back in the 1980s… so was wrapping one around your ponytail), it seems like the perfect time to merge a new trend with a tried and tested old one. Whether you go for new skool Swatches designed by Jeremy Scott and Kidrobot or scour Ebay for vintage 1980s versions, stacking them up in twos and threes along with your usual stack should do the trick. Need some inspiration? Right this way…

The "I Am A Child Of The Night" Swatch designed by artist Ryan Grees is super cool, minimal, and goes with every color (so you can wear it or pair it with anything). I like it juxtaposed with the hyper color Kidrobot Swatch Shout Out watch by illustrator and toy designer MAD. It's the brightest pink with the most delicious graphic and would look awesome with some basic bangles or plastic jelly bracelets thrown in for good measure. The Double Vision Swatch is by designer and MTV Style FAVE Jeremy Scott, and it's AWESOME. It's two watches in one! Use it by itself in your stack or go bananas and throw in another watch just to make people ask you why you're so into Father Time. The Vanishing Time Swatch by Julian Pacaud will further have them intrigued. Its eerie graphic of a vanishing boy and more subdued palette make it the perfect companion to Child of the Night or even a vintage watch you might have lying around.

Swatches clockwise from left: Osiris, Ruffled Feathers, Raspberry Shortcake, and Modele Avec Personnages by Keith Haring.
Photo: Ebay

I'm totally into the idea of mixing old and new LITERALLY. Thus, here are a few old skool Swatch watches from the '80s that are up for bid on Ebay. Some are totally affordable—like the 1986 Ruffled Feathers Swatch (which wants to snuggle up to your Pendleton coat) and the 1987 Raspberry Shortcake complete with retro watch-face band (like an iPhone bumper but funkier)—while others like the Osiris Egyptian Swatch and the super duper covetable Modele Avec Personnages by Keith Haring are a little out of the price range. Still, Santa's coming and Swatch stacking, in general, is all about picking what speaks to you. How many are you willing to stack?


A woman wearing fragrant (yes, FRAGRANT) Swatch watches in 1985.
Photo: Getty Images

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