Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, And Stella McCartney Love Christmas Lights (Plus 'Ab Fab' Returns!)

alexa chung kate moss stella mccartney

Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, and Stella McCartney at the Stella McCartney store in London.
Photo: Getty Images

OK, holiday party people, the season is officially in full swing! What does this mean? Oh, just a number of party photos of celebrities wearing fancy Santa hats, street-style shots of peeps in their cutest woolen coats, and retailers shining light on their stores by actually holding events that involve shiny lights. Stella McCartney kicked off the fashionable holiday season in London-town with her own store-lighting ceremony that drew the likes of Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, and (ZOMG, GASPING FOR AIR AT THE MOST AMAZING OF AMAZING CRAW-FACE HOLIDAY BALLSNESS EVAH) Miss Edina Monsoon, aka Jennifer Saunders in character as Monsoon from the hit British TV show Absolutely Fabulous (aka one of the best shows ever in the history of television). Apologies for the ALL CAPS and super emosh effusiveness but, you guys, have you seen this show? We need to discuss this as well as the insane amount of lights Ms. McCartney used on the front of her store's building.

Before I get all nutzo on you again, let's discuss how lovely these British ladies looked at the event. First of all, major props to Alexa Chung for wearing her own coat from the Madewell by Alexa Chung Collection . The wool/leather mix layered over an army green jean jacket, navy blue sweater, and white undershirt with faded black skinny jeans and sparkly heels is kind of the bomb diggity where laid-back holiday dressing is concerned. Supermodel Kate Moss also did holiday cazh with natural hair and makeup and a black turtleneck and cream jacket over blue jeans and knee-high boots. She looked like a sweet yummy mummy holding her daughter Lila's hand, too. Then there was Stella herself outfitted in her own line (obvs), which was an all-black getup of black culottes, tights, and heels with a black silk blouse and black half-shirt adorned in multiple bows. It looked like super luxury wear for those who hate to dress up (which translates to RAD).

So, on to Absolutely Fabulous! Jennifer Saunders created the show and her character Edina Monsoon, a self-absorbed fashion PR lady and total fashion train wreck who is addicted to Christian Lacroix. The show was one of the most hilarious satirical takes on the fashion world ever created, and Saunders became a cult hero for her portrayal of the Monsoon character. She hosted the McCartney event in character (which you can watch here on Vogue TV), and what's even more exciting than THAT is her announcement that she's writing a movie based on the series. You know what you're going to do during your holidays this year? That's right, NETFLIX.


The Stella McCartney store in London lit up for the holidays.
Photo: Getty Images

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