Anna Dello Russo, Lady Gaga, And Susie Bubble Wear The Week's Most Outrageous Shoes

Anna dello Russo, Lady Gaga, and Susie Bubble wear the best shoes of the week.
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Ahh, November. Hasn't it been great? Almost too great.... Honestly, y'all, it's been unseasonably warm, and I'm just the teensiest bit afraid it's lulling us into a false sense of security (as far as foot and ankle safety is concerned, anyhow). In this week of what has primarily been leisure time, accompanied by breezy cool temps and little to no precipitation, the past few days have been a kind of perfect storm for outrageous footwear, chief among them being this week's selects of the following consistently well-heeled boundary pushers: Anna dello Russo, Lady Gaga, and Susie Bubble.

Anna dello Russo is notorious for her adventurous attitude toward fashion, experimenting with silhouettes, mixed textures, and all the latest trends. Beneath her mustard yellow oversized dress, she wears a pair of mini-pyramid, stud-embellished, high-reaching peep-toe boots. Covered by her frock's hemline, the shoes seem to toe the line *ba dum tsh* between extreme over-the-knees and something we might call sheggings (that's shoes + leggings). It's a bold move but one Anna, as always, pulls off with ease, balancing the ensemble with a delicate black hat and bird cage veil, and chunky opulent jewelry.

Another well-documented sartorial risk taker, Lady Gaga braved a pair of spike-encrusted Noritaka Tatehana heelless platforms. One might have overlooked the outrageous kicks because Gaga hid them (sort of, I mean...can you really possibly hide these things?) beneath her floor-length lacy Dolce & Gabbana.

Just last night, blogger and style star Susie Bubble turned up at the British Fashion Awards in these traffic-stopping Sixby6Bloggers tricolor leather platform booties. The unexpected, brazen yet delicate combination of large patent panels of NEON yellow, a lilac ponyhair toe, and the coral-nude leather-covered sole play together so agreeably, and the irregular block heel looks so maybe almost comfortable/easy to walk in (sheepish question-mark face?), that we juuuuust might be able to look past that near 600 bone price tag on the reasoning that they would not only go with but outright SLAY DEAD every. single. outfit. Except the clothes we retire in because, well, we won't be able to if we keep buying up every pair of shoes that bats their lashes our way. *grumble grumble "Yes, Mom..."*


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