Kristen McMenamy, Daphne Guinness, And Susie Bubble Style-Slay The British Fashion Awards

kristin mcmenamy, daphne guinness, susie bubble british fashion awards

Kristin McMenamy, Daphne Guinness, and Susie Bubble at the British Fashion Awards in Lodnon
Photo: Getty Images and Splash News

The British Fashion Awards brought some serious fashion game to London last night. It's a well-known FACT that London-town is all about killer street style, but it's also about serious avant-garde style on the red carpet (or, in this case, blue carpet) too. Londoners seem to have NO FEAR when it comes to being photographed in the most outlandish of fash-madness. It's like they wear eight-inch platforms while making a roast chicken in the kitchen or slouch around on Saturday mornings in robes lined in marabou or vampire teeth like it's totally normie and expected where they come from. (It's nothing short of awe-inspiring, and we curtsy to it!) The high priestess of this sort of madcap macabre style-slaying is easily Daphne Guinness (aka she of the pigeon blood-inspired makeup collection). She totally brought it to the BFAs (Britain's equivalent to the CFDAs), as did '90s grunge model Kristen McMenamy and lovely style blogger Susie Bubble. I mean, look at these dresses, y'all. They're AMAZE and completely OUT THERE. Don't you wish more of our celebs stateside would rock out in this kind of fashionable frippery?

Kristen McMenamy is pretty much the queen of the androgynous models. We encourage you to Google image search that biz because she was IT back in her '90s heyday. Also? She still has it. Just look at that GORGE Alexander McQueen swan getup with white plumage around the neck and skirt, which perfectly matches her lily white hair, satin platform booties, white clutch, and fur stole. Ummmmm, it's ALBINO BANANAS. You don't see it clearly in this photo, but the lady's also rocking a nose ring like it's 1995 spritzed with CK One. She wins. Period. Daph-Guinn is wearing her fave designer, Gareth Pugh, and she looks a little Nicki Minaj candy raver only tweaked out in black PVC and hella-high plats. Are those random combs sprouting out of her head? Why, YES, yes, they are and what of it? I don't know if you can tell by her kohl-eyed stare but she doesn't care what you think.

Miss Susie Bubble is one of our favorite style bloggers. Not only does she have a penchant for up-and-coming designers, she mixes and matches her ensembles like no one else and kind of reminds us of a modern-day Pippi Longstocking only with a top knot instead of pigtails. Susie wore a fantastic draped silk dress by London designer Ostwald Helgason that was stitched together with white mesh and adorned in pastel flowers. She paired it with TO DIE Sixby6Bloggers neon platform boots that she designed herself (obvs), and we're starting to wonder how hard our wallets will cry if we buy them. All in all, style triumphs applause to the ladies of London. Keep up the good work, dearies!

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