Kim Kardashian Sports Checkered Lip Tattoo With Sequin Tux And Bow Tie

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian wears a Violent Lips tattoo.
Photo: Courtesy of Kim Kardashian

Listen, when we first spotted this thing called "lip tattoos" back in May, we were ABSOLUTELY FLABBERGASTED. Like, wut? A temporary tattoo? ON YOUR LIPS? IN ANY PATTERN YOU WANT? *head explodes* But the more we stared at them, the more we kind of, um, wanted to buy them. Like when July 4 rolled around, Violent Lips (the originators of the lip tat trend!) had all these patriotic-themed lip tattoos that we REALLYYYY wanted to get our hands on, but, pardon our French, we never had the balls to actually sport these bad boys in public. Jussstt when they were becoming a faint memory to us, BAM! Kim Kardashian posts a pic of herself wearing THE same Violent Lips tattoo that we wished soooo hard we could wear.

Apparently Kim K found these checkered lip tattoos in her sister Kylie's room (you can snatch up the same pair for $15!) and matched them to a black and white sequined tux, white shirt, and bow tie ensemble. We like that she kept her outfit clean and simple, paired with such an eye-catching lip design, and even pulled her hair back into a high pony as to not distract from the busy pattern. She finished off her makeup look with some SERIOUS lashes, black and white liner, and a touch of gold on her lower waterline. We don't know what occasion Kim was gettin' all dolled up for, but we HAVE to give her a few giant slow claps for actually following through with a crazy lip tattoo design and finding a way to make it work. Would you ever sport a lip tattoo like Kim?

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