Ate Your Face Off So Hard Over Thanksgiving That You Want To Die? Pack A Light Lunch In Cute Bentos

Clockwise from left: Thermos Bottle Bento, Kotobuki Kotobuki 2-Tiered Bento Box, and Vivo Kids Bento Box.
Photo: Courtesy of Bento&co, Sears, and VIVO

Hey readers, how was Thanksgiving? Awesome? Was the awesomeness contingent upon the fact that you ate like a greedy food monster where the only breaks you took from chewing and peristalsis were NAPS because your body had to physically prevent you from further packing punishing amounts of pie into your already disgusto engorged body because that's how people die? Yeah, me too. Except switch out "pie" for steak, cocktails, scallops, AND pie and that's about where I'm at. There's pressure behind my eyeballs I'm so full. Still.

Some of you may jump on a raw food diet or juice fast or master cleanse this week, and I think that's marvelous because I have read about that type of gumption in books, BUT one thing all of us can do this week is not add insult to injury and continue to pretend that eating is a competition and the one sport that you're good at. Pack a healthful option for lunch; I did it wrong today and ate a weird amount of potato so tomorrow I shall turn over a new leaf.


With maybe a smattering of whole grains. Or one taco. Oooooh, a pal of mine made a leftover turkey Vietnamese sandwich, which sounds delicious and all the ingredients can be split up so your bread doesn't get soggy from the carrot and hot sauce and prompt you to eat pizza. That's where this kitty bento ($31.00) comes in, with all the damp, heavier ingredients going in the bottom and your baguette spear slotting into the top.

The Vivo bento ($23.00) is perfect for remaining sides and a GANG of roasted veggies. And the Thermos, which looks like a pastel totem pole ($36.00), is good for when you drown all your leftovers in a pot because you're one part mad at them and two parts curious to see what happens when you make soup with random crap—with a backup lunch packed into an unused chamber because you never know.

The whole point is, food tastes a lot less like despair when packed into darling containers and shopping somethingsomethingdopaminereceptors so go Google "bento," pick yourself up a vessel, and pack your next office meal. And visit any number of MEGA cute bento blogs for inspiration and also feelings of inadequacy. Happy lunching.

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