Daphne Guinness' New MAC Collection Inspired By Pigeon Blood, Old Paintings

Daphne Guinness for MAC.
Photo: Courtesy of MAC

It's really no surprise that one of THE most iconic ladies in fashion decided to get her hands dirty in the world of beauty and makeup—beer heiress Daphne Guinness will release her first-ever MAC collection starting December 26. From nail polish to mascara to MAC's famed lipglass (which Daphne is "obsessed with"), the line will run the entire gamut. But don't plan on snatching up any bronzers or bright pink lipsticks from this collection—Daphne says it's ALL about the cool tones. "I’m not a real primary color person, and warm colors do not become me. Anyway we can’t all be bouncing along the beach looking sunkissed. I’m never gonna be that girl. I wish, but it ain't gonna happen!" Talk about our kinda lady! Even her campaign image (above) shot by David LaChapelle is a cool blue-hued image showing off Daphne's fierce beauty game. But if you're wondering where these dark shades of burgundy, blue and beige in her collection came from, we'll bet five buckaroos you won't be able to guess!

Give up? Well besides being inspired by the Old Master painters like Titian, Zurbarán, and Michelangelo (the greyish green Hyperion Nail Lacquer came STRAIGHT from that famous "Whistler's Mother" painting!), Daphne is also intrigued by other oddities like pigeon blood and far away galaxies. "I’m absolutely fascinated by butterflies and outer space. Blimey, I have pictures from the Hubble space telescope and some of those are just extraordinary, and if you look very closely at a butterfly’s wings or even perhaps a jellyfish, you’ll see there are similarities. I mean, I’m not being mad, just have a look! It just absolutely blows my mind." The Daphne Guinness for MAC collection will be available through February 9, but pick out your favorite pieces from the full line below right this second!

Daphne Guinness for MAC collection.
Photo: Courtesy of MAC

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