Snag A Snooki Holiday Ornament Before It's Too Late; Also, Happy Birthday, Nicole!

The Snooki Holiday Ornament.
Photo: Courtesy of Home Shopping Network

Here we go, y'all! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a delightfully jovial holiday in its own right in which you express gratitude for everything and everyone you're so lucky to have and enjoy in this world, and also pig out on so much deliciously sloth-inducing comfort food, but immediately after Turkey Day passes, the radio stations turn up those other winter holiday jams, retail spaces turn over stock and decor to the masters of red, green, and all that is white, and/or tinsel. But forget about all that for just a second and let's focus on today. This day that we're all living RIGHT NOW. It's special, too, you know? Namely because it's the lovely Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's day of birth! In honor of this collision of excuses for merrymaking, we're directing your attention to one singular object with the ability to tie it all together: the Snooki ornament.

You don't have to celebrate Christmas to appreciate or have use for this decorative little charm. I like to think of it as a glorified action figure that you can hang anywhere you want: your rearview window (That is, if your state doesn't have laws against that sort of thing. Or you're a hooligan.), on a bulletin board, whateverwhatever the possibilities are endless! The Snooki ornament is one of a few Jersey Shore tree-trimmings offered by the Home Shopping Network. Unfortunately, all of these delightful tidbits of holiday cheer have since sold out on the HSN, but according to Perez Hilton, they should be available at your local Walgreens! Just in case that doesn't work out for you, we tracked down some stragglers on eBay, but act fast because they might sell out soon, too. Happy shopping!