Thanksgiving Day Accessories To Get In The Autumnal Spirit

fair isle gloves pendleton hat madewell scarf

Need Supply Fair Isle gloves, Pendleton Hat, Madewell scarf.
Photo: Courtesy of Need Supply; Madewell

Helllloooo, HOLIDAY! Ah, yes, Thanksgiving is finally upon us and all we can think about is pumpkin pie, mountains of dried leaves, and frosty mugs of cocoa in our idyllic futures. Turkey Day isn't just about giving thanks and eating too much turkey (or Tofurky, whatever your poison) it's also about celebrating the joy of the autumnal season even if you live somewhere a bit more balmy (or, you know, in a city high-rise devoid of character). This is the time of year, nay WEEK, when wearing orange, feathers, and leaf motifs makes sense while also adding a thematic touch to your feast day proceedings. Thus, to get in the ol' giant inflatable balloon spirit, we've put together the perfect set of T-Day accessories to suit your every need whether you're attending a parade, lunching at grandmas, or just kicking back with friends.

These Fairisle Long Gloves ($38) SCREAM Thanksgiving Day right? Not only are they in a fall-ish Fair Isle print, the color is all about pumpkins, cranberries, and gravy. (Nom nom nom.) Their long length makes them extra perfect for chillier evenings, too. They'd look fantastic paired with this Pendleton Indy Hat ($62), which is very trend savvy and begging to be taken on a T-Day hike or jumping into leaf mounds. Toss this Madewell Plaid Gentleman Scarf ($49.50) over it all and you're good to go for football gaming, parade cheering, or just cozying up on the couch.

Free People feather, Anthropologie brass leaf belt.

Free People Arrow Feather Clip, Anthropologie Brass Bract Belt.
Photo: Courtesy of Free People; Anthropologie

If you'd like to sass up your Thanksgiving day dress, why not add an Arrow Feather Hair Clip ($28) for a bit of texture? Clip it into loose and natural hair—it goes with anything from a poncho and skinny jeans to a maxi dress and booties. This Brass Bract Belt ($78) is desperate to be paired with a simple black dress and knee-high boots for sophisticated yet relaxed autumnal spirit. A pair of Happy Socks ($11), on the other hand, aren't as subtle but they're soooo Turkey Day they must be on show! Throw 'em on over some black tights, scrunch them just above some ankle boots, and you're guaranteed to add a dash of gobble gobble gloriousness to your garb.

thanksgiving happy socks

Thanksgiving-inspired socks from Happy Socks.
Photo: Courtesy of Boylston Trading Co.

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