Elle Fanning And Chloë Moretz Wear Pretty Pastel Lady Bows, Should Totally Be BFFs

Elle Fanning at the 2011 Children of Chernobyl's Children at Heart gala and Chloë Moretz at the "Hugo" premiere on Nov. 21, 2011, in New York City.
Photo: WireImage/Getty Images

It could just be us, but it seems like Chloë Moretz and Elle Fanning could be best pals. Aside from being talented (and precocious) young actresses, they're both only a year apart in age (Chloë is 14, Elle is 13), and they vaguely look like sisters. We're also basing our BFF assessment on the fact that they recently showed up to two different events wearing similar outfits. At a Children of Chernobyl charity event, Elle wore a demure and age-appropriate pale pink dress cinched with pink bows near the waist. Miss Moretz also wore bows to the premiere of her new film Hugo. Her neutral Dolce & Gabbana ballerina dress featured a whole row of flattened bows down the bodice. Both dresses featured bare arms, too, and both ladies wore their blonde hair parted down the middle. But, seriously, why aren't Elle and Chloë hanging out braiding friendship bracelets right now?

So, to further prove our point, the similarities between these two outfits doesn't end there. Elle wore the cutest pair of glittery silver flats and Chloë tipped her look out with shimmery yellow-trimmed Sergio Rossi heels. Also, both wore similar makeup looks in the form of shimmery pink lips and cheeks, strong brows, and lightly lined eyes. Oh, and neither one of them wore much jewelry (if any at all). We have a feeling they have so much in common, y'know? They could have a pajama party in Dakota's recently vacated room and compare Scorsese and Coppola, Burton and Crowe, while painting their toenails and lamenting about how photo shoots can get boring after awhile. Elle could tell Chloë all about working on the Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign while Chloë shakes her finger and goes on about how it's better to wait to have a campaign until you're older. On second thought, maybe they should hold off on that sleepover.

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