Lady Gaga Wears Antebellum Chanel Haute Couture To The Opening Of Gaga's Workshop

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga attends the Barneys launch of Gaga's Workshop with Nicola Formichetti in New York City.
Photo: Getty Images/WireImage

Nothing says the holidays like LADY GAGA. Our Lady of all things Gaga-loony and Gaga-licious is doing her best to make this Turkey Day week—as well as the upcoming holiday season—as Gaga-tastic as possible. (You can add GAGA to just about anything and it sounds more interesting. Gaga-gravy. Gaga-coozie. Gaga-pie. Try it!) To kick off a week of events that includes Our Lady's television special, A Very Gaga Thanksgiving, which she both conceived and directed, the style icon opened Gaga's Workshop at Barneys New York last night. As you little monsters probably already know, the store is chock-full of signature items dreamt up or inspired by the Lady herself. We're talking everything from her Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson book (NOW ON SALE!) to fingerless gloves and Gaga-cookies (told you it works). We knew she'd be wearing something that would take us to the edge of glory—this being a major holiday event and all—but we didn't expect her to emerge from the monster façade outside the Barneys building in full-on Antebellum-style Chanel Haute Couture. Um, fainting couch, please!

Yes, Mother Monster wore a classic white Chanel jacket with black interlocking Cs, black gloves, a voluminous white ball gown skirt with some major crinoline action going on underneath, towering platforms, and a black ribbon headpiece adorned with a single white rose in the middle. She cut the ribbon signaling the opening of the store with her creative director Nicola Formichetti by her side and then flashed a cranberry-red smile while her eyes remained hidden behind giant black shades. Lady G seems to love the products she's selling, too, because, at one point, she put on a hair bow headband (reminiscent of the windows at Barneys, which are all about Gaga-hair). If you're wondering what to buy, we're pretty taken with the Pamela Love-designed jewelry (these Spectrum Triangle Spike Earrings are INSANE), but 25 percent of all proceeds will go to Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation, so buy whatever you like! It's all for a good cause and is all about Gaga-giving.

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