Lady Gaga's Barneys Workshop Opens Tonight So We Interviewed Collaborator Kerin Rose

Lady Gaga Barneys Workshop Kerin Rose

A-Morir by Kerin Rose spike moto gloves.
Photo: Courtesy of Barneys

YOU GUYS. The Lady Gaga Workshop at Barneys opens TONIGHT. For those of you who have been checking out the countdown, you will notice that the final Gaga goodie is a leather glove made by none other than MTV Style pal and frequent Nicola Formichetti/Haus of Gaga collaborator, Kerin Rose. Kerin makes a painfully gorgeous, super sparkly eyewear collection dubbed A-Morir By Kerin Rose but she also custom makes masks, teacups, spiked hoodies, jewelry, and basically a litany of other wonderfully crafted works of art that make you feel like opposable thumbs and fine motor skills were wasted on you.

We caught up with the flame-tressed designer to chat about how long she's been in cahoots with the Gaga x Barneys project, what you can expect to see at the pop up shop's unveiling, and why you don't have to be racked with guilt should you drop a highly irresponsible amount of cash buying heaps of presents from this particular spot.

MTV Style: OH HAY.

Kerin Rose: HAAAY!


I DID! It was a secret but Us Weekly beat me to the punch last week.

LOL. Right. Also, remember when you strung those words together? "Us Weekly beat me to the punch…." Hilarious. Anyway, you were FORBIDDEN to breathe a word of your upcoming involvement with the Gaga Workshop chez (one of our favorite places in the world) Barneys.

YES. I’ve been working with Barneys since late July and I am really bad at keeping secrets.

Hmm…yes, *strokes beard* I recall you being suspiciously busy all fall so this makes sense. I knew you were secret bedazzling!

It WAS very suspicious. I was so shady, like a sparkly drug smuggler. With great hair.

Well, yes, your hair did always smell like epoxy. Flowers and epoxy.

The boys love it.

I'll say. So tell us about what you made and how it came about?

The concept for the gift shop is largely based around Gaga's favorite things. I've had the pleasure of working with her and Nicola Formichetti for the past few years, so when Barneys presented me with the opportunity to design some pieces I was thrilled. Also, I thought I was being "Punk'd."

Well, right. Because you’re not a gassed, nightmare monster who would naturally presume that something like this can and should fall in your lap.

Right. So I'm exclusively selling three pairs of eyewear from A-Morir's existing collection that have a relationship with Gaga (she's worn them, etc., etc.) and six custom items that have never been sold anywhere else.

That's for the Gaga Workshop that is opening in MERE MOMENTS (11:59 PM tonight as a matter of fact), but talk to me about your inclusion in the official countdown. TALK TO ME ABOUT THE GLOVE.

Ah yes, THE GLOVE. "The Glove" is featured as the 12th and final limited-edition item in the "12 Days of Gaga" (editor: basically the countdown worked like an advent calendar and each day leading up to the Workshop opening released a new Gaga collectible). It's a piece I custom-made for the lady. She wore it during her HBO special.

And it's a leather moto glove that's LACED with a gang of shiny. What flavor of shiny is the shiny?

It's a pair of fingerless leather moto gloves with a tar mountain across the knuckles. It's covered in Swarovski crystals and golf metal spikes. Cherry on top? Two GIANT featherweight black aluminum metal spikes that are spaced "just so" that you could skewer out someone's eyes if you punched them in the face.


I'm all about high fashion that also serves a subversive practical purpose. In this case: self-defense. To quote Paris Is Burning, "A lady is never sure at night."

Agreed. You'd previously made a number of Gaga art pieces, namely that infamous teacup.

Yeah, I've been so honored that Gaga has used it publicly a TON for the last year and a half.

Looks hella hard to make. And you have teacups included in your Barneys collection too. How many man hours would you surmise it took you to handcraft each and every one of the articles that are made available for purchase for mere terrestrial dollars at Barneys this holiday season? Like, how backbreaking was it for you and your minion-lings?

It was intense but rewardingly so. I had to fit production in between making my SS12 eyewear collection, a trip to Milan and Paris, and a surgery. I was bedazzling teacups in the hospital two weeks ago. I've pretty much not had a day off since the beginning of August.

And you're beloved for such devotion.

And by "day off" I'm including nights and weekends.

OH GUR, you need a vacation. How much do the gloves retail for?

They're going for $285. I've got two other gloves at various price points in the store, and if gloves aren't your thing, you can get A-Morir exclusive teacups and a military hat. And of course, eyewear.

Of course. And by "eyewear" you mean EYEARTSCULPTURES.

Ooooooooh, pluuuuuuuuuuus. You can shop guilt-free because 25 percent of all sales are going to the Born This Way foundation, Gaga's new charity.

SICK. I love an incentive. You must feel great that you're finished with the project. You deeeeed it!

I know. I can haz finished!

Congrats, boo.

Thanks, boo.