Drake Wants To Collaborate With Missoni On A Sweater Line

Drake Sweater

Drake wearing sweaters on Feb. 17 and Aug. 26.
Photo: Getty Images/WireImage

It's no secret that Drake loves his comfy sweaters. In fact, the rapper is so well known for his pullovers and zip-ups that he's constantly being questioned about it! Most recently, GQ sat down with Drake to grill him about—you guessed it—those sweaters, and Drake dished on his top three pullovers, which designer he wants to collab with, plus, um, a little sentiment to all his sweater haters.

Drake on his favorite sweater: It's a toss-up between three sweaters. I'd say one would be obviously the OVO Owl Sweater. I can wear it repetitively and no one calls me out on it. I have a cashmere Hermès sweater that I love. Lastly, any of my Missoni sweaters.

Drake's feelings toward sweater haters: I don't give a f*** what anybody says about my Missoni sweaters! F** you, if you don't like my sweater! It's funny because people only talk about me and sweaters because I don't give them anything else to talk about. I live in Canada, so any dirt I do you'll never see because we don't have the paparazzi up there! It's the stupidest thing, man, but I'll embrace it.

Drake on a possible sweater collaboration: Hopefully Missoni hollers at me and we get a sweater line popping!

{via GQ}