Kreayshawn Shows Off Accessories With New Aqua Blue Hair; Possibly Inspired By Mermaids

Kreayshawn sports some funky eyewear and new blue hair.
Photo: Courtesy of Kreayshawn's Facebook

Ever since Kreayshawn burst onto the scene with "Gucci Gucci", her gold bamboo hoops, and incredible liquid eyeliner skills, we've been kiiiind of obsessed with her killer fashion sense, eyes peeled for each style move. The latest breaking news in Kreay-town is that gurl has ditched her half-black, half-blonde wavy bob for a new blue hue. In addition to an updated 'do, Baby Kreay is getting REALLY serious about her accessories. OK, so yea, she was already WAY into accessories, but now, perhaps thanks, in part, to her refreshed tresses, she has a new swagger about her, flaunting her finds for the interwebz. Eyewear isn't a new thing for Kreay, but the calculated icy stare that accompanies this modeling job is totally meant to highlight these retro peepers.

Kreayshawn rocks a gold digital watch.
Photo: Courtesy of Kreayshawn's Instagram

I meannnn, why wouldn't you want the masses to look at THIS WATCH? The mega-winged eyeliner, candy pink lips, and aquamarine fringe peeking out beneath her Oakland Raiders flat-brim are just a background to the real star of the shot: her urban-tastic gold digital face Casio. We don't know about you guys, but this is going straight onto our (bottomless) holiday wishlist.

Kreayshawn's googley eye ring.
Photo: Courtesy of Kreayshawn's Instagram

On her opposite hand (note the now-backward "Raiders" embroidery on her hat), Kreayshawn is wearing a cartoony googley eye ring. With thick eyelashes to rival her own, the ring makes for a great Insta prop gag.

Chokers are back, and Kreayshawn has one that spells her name.
Photo: Courtesy of Kreayshawn's Instagram

We're seeing it a lot lately. In street style shots. On the spring 2012 runways. The chokers that were such a staple in the '90s (and, you know, other eras, too) are making a comeback in a BIG way. Kreayshawn sports one here, and this isn't your grandmother's choker. What Kreay is wearing here is a one-off, customized, RHINESTONE-LETTERED masterpiece of nape-grazing eponymous jewelry. Yeezi nameplate necklaces have NOTHING on this.

Is this Kreayshawn's mermaid inspiration?
Photo: Courtesy of Kreayshawn's Instagram

Maybe it's a little far-fetched. Maybe we're just a little loopy from the IV drip of coffee we're strapped and rolling with this morning. Or maybe, just maybe, we're totally 100 percent on to something here. Is it just us, or do you agree that by Instagramming this pic of her "potna"—a mermaid with such similarly colored tresses of her own—she's trying to let us know that this here mer-girl inspired the new 'do? I mean, can't you just imagine Kreayshawn rolling up to the salon holding this doll saying, "THIS is the color I want my hair to be," AMIRITE? (Don't answer that, because well, you know.) #justsayin

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