Lady Gaga Reads From Her New Book 'Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson' While Wearing A Sequin Tank Dress

The cover of "Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson"
Photo: Courtesy of Grand Central Publishing/Photographed by Terry Richardson

Gather ye round, yon children, for Mother Monster yearns to read to us by the crackling embers of her artistic fires. Let us warm our paws near her black-clad bosom as we listen to the carefully clipped dramatic musings of her latest creative endeavors. That's right, it's story time with Lady Gaga! We are only FIVE DAYS away from the release of Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson, the 400+ page magnum opus that chronicles a year in the life of our Lady of Gagaliciousness all shot by fashion photog extraordinaire Terry Richardson. Because Gaga is more than generous to all of us li'l monster elves, she decided to read an excerpt from the intro of the book for our listening pleasure. What a way to start the holidays! Not only do we get to do our Christmas shopping early at Gaga's Workshop on Monday night, we also get to have A Very Gaga Thanksgiving next week too. Mama M's so good to us, right? Let's hear what she has to say...

So, Our Lady begins by sitting on a couch in a black sequin tank dress (as you do) and a cute 'n' kicky chapeau. Her eyes are heavily lined, her lips are cranberry red, and her skin is fairy-lit from within. The intro to the book is all about Terry, and Gaga says of being photographed by him, "If you're lucky, he will teach you something truly profound about yourself," later adding, "I have discovered through him that shame is an obsolete notion and apology is an injustice to any performance." Hmmmm, sounds like some of the photos contained within this book are going to be CONTROVERSIAL. As you know, Mr. Richardson followed Gaga on her tour for about a year and undoubtedly captured all kinds of intimate moments. Gaga even mentions that he would shoot her in bed at 4 a.m. with "kind eyes" and a giggle, and that they're both free spirits. Another reason why there might be something a bit racy in this book is that Gaga also mentions that Terry awakened a "perverse liberation" in her. Whew, boy, just what will we be feasting our eyes on in this mammoth tome? No telling, but these next five days feel like the longest EVER.

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