We Need To Talk About Joe Jonas's Giant White Bow Tie And Double Breasted Tux at the CFDAs

Joe Jonas at the eighth annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards at the Skylight SOHO on Nov. 14, 2011, in New York City.
Photo: Splash News/Getty Images

It's really difficult to look away from the eyes of one Joe Jonas, even from a 2-D screen. There's something simmering behind them, some sort of mischief being cooked up, and his propensity for smoldering hijinks seems to increase when he tilts his head slightly downward, his eyebrows arched with Puck-ish glee. But Joe's recent appearance at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund awards has our gazes LOCKED for a reason other than just his laser-eyed stare. You guys, check out his sartorial SASS. That is some serious suiting right there! The oversized bow tie, the peaked lapels, the DOUBLE-BREASTEDNESS of it all.... Whewww, we need to discuss.

Mr. Jonas attended the awards in support of one of the finalists, Antonio Azzuolo, who was also the gentleman who designed his double-breasted tuxedo (under the label name A.A.). Azzuolo was formerly the design director at Ralph Lauren for its higher end Purple Label and Black Label men's collections, and he's been designing under his bespoke A.A. label for about five years. We have to admit, this suit stands OUT. It's old school manly in both shape and cut (i.e., the shorter jacket), and the addition of a pocket square elevates it all. The look is both sharp and whimsical, and not for the more sedate of gentlemen; in fact, this look says SO MUCH about Joe Jonas. It says he's willing to take risks and also appreciates beautiful tailoring. It also says he really cares about his personal style. So, yes, we'll be staring at you from here on out, as usual, J.J., but we'll also be checking out the cut of your coat, the slant of your square, and will take tally of your tailoring. Carry on, good sir!

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