A Closer Look At Lady Gaga’s Bottom Half: No Pants And Mom Shorts?

Lady Gaga's bottoms lately are a bit questionable.
Photo: Splash News

We're all aware of Lady Gaga's street style shenanigans and have grown used to impossible shoes, kooky accessories, and even the odd leotard worn in public. But Gaga's recent appearance in London has us scratching our top-knotted heads. We've seen the no-pants look before (e.g., la leotard), but our Lady's pairing of a perfectly tailored top-half with an utterly nonexistent bottom half makes no sense. She wore the outfit while returning to her hotel after an appearance on The X Factor and looked astute and scholarly, but as the eye travels downward, this fishnetted leg situation is perplexing because A) it doesn't really work, and B) it's chilly over there in London-town. The day before, she sported a halter top and shorts from the Yves Saint Laurent SPRING collection too. There was nary a coat or scarf in sight. Mother Monster may be the matriarch of the little monster tribe, but does that mean she needs to wear mom shorts too? And in the height of autumn? What's going on here?

Let's discuss this ivory half-suit first. It's from the Moschino spring 2012 collection and is cute in a preppy poetess sort of way. We love the double-breasted jacket and Baudelaire necktie, and the addition of these Moo Piyasombatkul finial baroque glasses is spot on, but this look needs a bottom half. It really does. The actual runway ensemble includes ivory trousers and a matador-esque hat, but this could work with a matching pencil skirt or black tapered trousers too. It just isn't jiving with these lone fishnets and Louboutins. Heck, Gaga could have added shorts to this outfit and it would have worked a little better. Speaking of which, we have nothing against this YSL shorts and halter top combo per se—it could be fantastic for a hearty game of canasta on the lido deck—but it seems premature for the season (though those chunky-heeled blue suede loafers with the wide gold band across the front are all kinds of seasonal loveliness). Ditto on the gloves and pop star glasses. All in all, it's not as much of a head-scratcher like the pantlessness, but it does have us worrying that hypothermia might set in. Be careful out there, Mama!

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