Snooki's Perfume And Jersey-Style Gifts Take Over HSN, Crocodillies Sell Out

Snooki at her birthday party at LAX nightclub in Las Vegas.
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Whew, Snooki had one busy week that culminated in a mega Las Vegas-style party to celebrate her birthday. That's right, y'all, Miss Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is officially 24! (Cue the glitter, confetti, and bedazzled piñata.) She's practically a quarter of a century old but isn't showing any signs of slowing down, what with the multitude of projects she's currently juggling. Although Jersey Shore is on hiatus, our lovable guidette has been keeping busy with a new signature perfume that she's currently selling on the Home Shopping Network along with a plethora of other Jersey-style gifts like bags, slippers, and stuffed crocodiles—or, CROCODILLIES if you want to get specific. Her appearance on a recent HSN segment was a hit, and Snookems SOLD OUT of said crocs before the show was even over. She's a bona fide businesswoman! Oh, and did we mention she also subjected herself to a Funny Or Die vid mocking her perfume?

Snooki hocked the heck out of her perfume on HSN, talking it up like an expert saleswoman. She said, "It's tacky, it's gaudy, it's just gorgeous.... It smells phenomenal." She later added that anyone could "rock" her perfume no matter what age they are (that included 105-year-olds) and suggested it would make the perfect "stoffing stucker." She even demonstrated how versatile her sunglasses are—from blocking haters to making noise while you stand around and wait. OH, and the Crocadilly? He's just a giant plush crocodile with bulging eyes whom Snooki thinks is snuggly, fun, and your potential friend. Señor Crocadilly was such a hit, he sold out before Snooki's HSN appearance was even over. We're guessing the same is true for her popular brand of plush slipper-shoes, which she described as "bouncin' on a cloud" when you wear them.

If she keeps this up, our lovable li'l meatball is going to be ringing in the new year as "Nicole Polizzi, 24 year-old business mogul." Will she ever have a column in Forbes? No telling, but she could certainly tackle the comedy world if her mock perfume commercial for Funny or Die is any indication of her comedic prowess. She's taking over the world, people, one bedazzled bead at a time! And we hope she spends today celebrating her many accomplishments with a jar of pickles. It's National Pickle Day, y'know!

The Scent of Snooki from Snooki

"The Scent of Snooki" {via Funny or Die}

Snooki's HSN Debut In 2 Minutes {via The Cut}

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