Selena Gomez's EMA Outfits and Chloë Sevigny's Hat Tip To Snooki Top Our Headlines Of The Week

selena gomez ema

Selena Gomez in Marchesa at the EMA.
Photo: Getty Images

We showed you all nine of Selena Gomez's SENSATIONAL EMA outfits, and each one was adorbs city. From elegant mini dresses to the coolest sequin jumpsuits and hot pants, Selena style slayed it like nobody's biz. Selena and BF Justin Bieber had the cutest opposites attract couples style, too, and Lady Gaga had everyone gasping at all of her Paco Rabanne outfits. All in all, the EMA this year was a fash-parade of bananas-ness.

Chloë is totally fine with Snooki wearing her designs and also thinks JWOWW is a babe. This is totally random but also pretty cool.

Dakota Fanning's Marc Jacobs Lola perfume ads were banned in the UK for being too provocative. We begged to differ and are still scratching our heads about it (and our noses because we still really want this perfume).

Kristen Stewart was a bewitching beauty in 'Vogue Italia' and said she'd like to wear more feminine clothes. If her spooky eyes and all of the long, drapey dresses in this shoot are evidence of this style change, we like the idea.

Nicki Minaj wore a dress made entirely of stuffed animal heads. Even though it was a little creepy, we still really wanted to give her hugs because of it. She's so cuddly!