Justin Bieber Sports Really, Really Huge Collar At The Bambi Awards, Could Totally Stash Snacks In There

Justin Bieber Bambi Awards

Justin Bieber at the Bambi Awards in Germany on Nov. 10.
Photo: Getty Images

OMG, is Justin Bieber OK?! We were kinda worried about the ol' JB after spotting him at the Bambi Awards in Germany last night because it looks like his white leather double-zip jacket is trying to EAT HIM ALIVE. Seriously, look at that thing. The collar is huge. HUGE. I mean, that's a lot of collar for one man to handle. He had no other choice BUT to unzip part of that bad boy, otherwise he, um, wouldn't be able to breathe. And then Selena would be sad. And then the world would end. BUT since that didn't happen (thank God), we're going to continue to talk about his amazing all-white ensemble! He paired his white bomber jacket with an off-white tee, white jeans, white and black high-top sneakers, and two giant diamond studs. He is totally working the winter white in the most killer of ways, and we're into that.

But you know what's kind of cool about that gigantor collar? All the things you can stash in there, most notably, snacks!!! I mean it's practically a bowl around your head, so why not just have food right there for easy access, you know? I mean the food would be RIGHT next to your mouth. So perfect. And who doesn't love clothes that double as tablewear? Yeah, that's what I thought. GENIUSSSS. Maybe the Biebs is onto something...

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