Demi Lovato Wears Gown Backwards To Latin Grammy Awards; Still Looks Fierce

Demi Lovato at the 2011 Latin Grammy Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

What the WHAT?! We talk about Demi Lovato's goddess-like quality on the reg here at MTV Style—her waist-length mermaid tendrils, her impenetrable beauty game, her epitomization of boho chic—but never have we been SO taken aback with truly breathtaking AWE than when our eyes fell upon Miss Lovato looking hella glamourous on the red carpet of last night's Latin Grammy Awards. I meannnn, how can you not be stopped dead in your tracks by that glossy scarlet pout, neckline cut all the way to there, and aaaaall that glowing SKIN. *raises single emphatic palm of approval* YES.

The slinky mauve gown paired with cascading curls of newly auburn hair and, of course, that captivating red lip (balanced so delicately, BTW, by a quick sweep of mascara and just a hint of rouge), are very Jessica Rabbit/old-school breathy-toned vixen in a way that has us pretty much on our hands and knees worshipping the ground she treads in hopes of somehow absorbing even a droplet of all the BOMBSHELL she's oozing in this here enseeeeemmmmmble. *'round the world snap* There's so much amazingness happening in the top portion that you're hardly disappointed that you can't see whatever dynamite shoes she MUST be wearing beneath the hemline pooling at her feet. But wait... why is there so much extra fabric down there?

The Roland Mouret dress Demi Lovato wore to the Latin Grammy Awards.
Photo: Courtesy of Net-A-Porter

Desperate to track down the designer, an hour-long in-depth comb of the interwebz, runway streams, floor-length mauve gown after gown, landed us on this Roland Mouret, which we thought, eyes watery and brains weary, was a very near-match. Same hue. Same long sleeves. Similarly low-cut. BUT the gown Demi wore doesn't have a front slit, and this exposed zipper doesn't happen on her dress, either. Hemline straight through the front, Demi's gown has more of a ruffle masquerading as a blazer/coat lapel situation on the bodice. If anything, it looks more like the back of th—WAITWAITWAIT. *lightbulb + flashing alarms + heart racing + hyperventilating + bells ringing + whistles blowing* Demi is to-hoooootally wearing this thing BACKWARDS!!!!!! Whoa. It's a seriously bold move, but in our opinion, it definitely works. *golf clap* GURL, you go on with yo' risk-taking self! We'll be taking notes along the way.

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