Lady Gaga Is A Gold-Tipped Swan At The Bambi Awards, Gets A Gold Deer From Karl Lagerfeld

Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen at the Bambi Awards in Germany.
Photo: Getty Images

There's nothing like ending the week with the triumphant sartorial cheer of Lady Gaga wearing something GLORIOUS. Yes, little monsters, the queen of the red carpet showed up to the Bambi Awards (aka "Germany's most important media prize ceremony") wearing a jaw-dropping Alexander McQueen gown that made her look like an elegantly wayward swan drenched in gold (her poor pet deer fossilized forever in her precious metal embrace). To get right to the point, this is a MAYJAH style moment. It was classic McQueen and evoked his late muse Isabella Blow. Not only is this dress matted to Gaga's body like wet 24 karat feathers, it swirls up and around her face and then COVERS HER ENTIRE HEAD. But just what is it made out of? Are these flowers, leaves, or just random frippery? Or, WAIT. Is this headdress constructed out of dozens of expensive looking SUNFLOWER SEEDS?

Lady Gaga's makeup at the Bambi Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

Correct me if I'm wrong, but upon super close inspection, this looks like tons of iridescent sunflower seeds, right? In all likelihood, they're probably shells or some other more designer-friendly adornment, but WOWZAS. This is weird yet beautiful and is strung together with strands of tiny pearls. Also, look at this eye makeup! Her eyes are heavily lined SUNFLOWERS (I'm not letting this die) and they look sensational. Not for the demure at heart, but this look could work with a glittery sequin dress on a Saturday night. It's dramatic and FUN. Red lips and Marilyn Monroe mole = PERFECTION.

Lady Gaga performing "Marry the Night" at the Bambi Awards; Lady Gaga accepts a Bambi award from Karl Lagerfeld.
Photo: Getty Images

But Mother Monster's magical wardrobe of fantastical wonders didn't stop there, people. Oh no, she wore a cascading black strapless gown all ruffled and fluffed around her derriere with black tights, gigantic platforms, sunglasses, and some sort of beret. She performed "Marry the Night" and accepted an award from my uncle, Karl Lagerfeld, who, as usual, forgot to invite me to join him. No matter! This is all about OUR LADY of Gagaliciousness and how CRAYMAZING she always looks. The End.

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