Get Selena Gomez's Paris Street Style Look

Selena Gomez wears House of Holland for Pretty Polly tights in Paris.
Photo: Getty Images/Urban Outfitters

It seems that Selena Gomez is positioning herself as somewhat of a queen of high-low fashion. The girl may rock runway looks on the red carpet and custom one-off pieces onstage, much of what she wears IRL is totally accessible to her fans. From a reasonably priced faux fur lined jacket to a pair of glittery black shorts you can cop for just under 20 bones to a cute, fast hairstyle you can easily replicate with an accessory from your local drugstore, Sel isn't afraid to get frugal with fashion, and we can totally get down with that.

Even in one of the fashion capitals of the world, visiting Paris with dreamy Staples-Center-renting boyfriend Justin Bieber, Selena isn't afraid to wear a pair of hose you can snag at Urban Outfitters. And why should she be? These House of Holland for Pretty Polly chain suspender tights are suuuuper cute! Not only do they have all the subtly sexy look of a thigh-high, the metallic chain-like detail acting as tromp l'oeil garters adds an extra bit of glamour and shine. Sure, Sel could have gone the easy way out and opted for a solid translucent black tight or even some sort of micro-pattern, but we think, juxtaposed with the rest of the solid black paneling of her look, it would have looked too gothy/vampy, like she were drowning in the color. The tights function almost as if she hadn't worn any at all, and just pulled up a pair of very tall socks from her suede knee-high boots. What's more is these tights are unique enough to add an unexpected twist on any outfit, but not so different that they're picky. While they look best with flippy short skirts, you can wear them with pretty much anything. Affordable and versatile?? Well played, Sel. Well played.

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