Beyonce, Eminem, Justin Bieber, And More As Classic Paintings Are Amazing, But Would They Really Ever Dress Like This?

Reimagined Beyoncé and Eminem paintings.
Photo: Getty Images

Maybe it was Snooki's new hair or Gaga's impression of a giant black pearl or all nine outfits Little Miss Selena Gomez wore hosting the 2011 MTV EMA in Belfast that had us so distracted. Whatever the reason, in all our haste, we somehow managed to glaze over these AMAZEBALLS works of art that lined the walls at the MTV Voices Dinner (which BTW honored Justin Bieber for his exemplary charity efforts) following the event. I meaaaannn, Beyoncé as Queen Elizabeth I?? A literal QUEEN BEY??!? *head explodes* We'd actually love to see Bey pop and lock in one of these filigree neck ruffles at some point, though the sleeves might be a little too voluminous and therefore restricting for that "Run The World (Girls)" routine. This reimagination of Eminem as some sort of decorated nobleman is also deliciously unreal. To the point where we're cocking our heads to the side, wondering if it wouldn't be too strange-making to see Em in this kind of old-timey military garb IRL.

Remimagined Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber paintings.
Photo: Getty Images

Fittingly, lovebirds Selena and Bieber were reimagined as a pair of Thomas Gainsborough paintings—"Mary, Countess of Howe" and "The Blue Boy," respectively. The satiny pink and heavy draping accentuated by delicate lace layers seem right up Sel's alley, though she might actually ditch that large brimmed hat IRL. Biebs on the other hand looks way out of sorts in this ensemble. Everyone knows if Justin were going to rock one color head-to-toe it would be BLACK (or maybe even purple since it's all over his personal branding). That frilly eyelet collar would NEVER fly, and rather than a full-body of silky vestments, we're confident Bieber would opt for a leather version of this look.

Reimagined Katy Perry and Lady Gaga paintings.
Photo: Getty Images

Katy Perry and Lady Gaga get the painterly treatment, too, but these ladies are such sartorial chameleons that the harder question to answer is what the two of them WOULDN'T wear.

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