Kanye West Wears Versace For H&M To The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Is Also A Really Nice Guy

Kanye West performs at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
Photo: Getty Images

OK, Kanye West. You're seriously warming our hearts this week, dude. First of all, you rocked a leather KILT at your Madison Square Garden show, then you went and gave free tix to the staff of the Mercer Hotel as a thank you (and even chartered a bus for them!), and THEN you gave a front row seat to someone wearing cool sneaks at your show (specifically the Jeremy Scott x Adidas ones), which is really nice. Dannnnng, boy, you're really turning it OUT in STYLE! This is some endearing behavior. We're also enamored with your choice to wear Versace for H&M during a performance at the Victoria's Secret fashion show. What else do you have up your philanthropic tropical leopard print sleeve, Yeez? Oh, just some seriously sweet comments about your MOM. *Hearts melting*

Kanye's had a thing for pairing Air Yeezy 2s and leather pants lately. It's become a sort of uniform, and it's a smart choice. By sticking to these two basics, Ye can rotate an unlimited amount of T-shirts, jackets, sweaters, what have you atop his man chest. The options are endless. We think Versace suits him, and it's cool that he's giving props to a label we can all afford like H&M (even though those Nikes will only ever exist in our dreams). And you know what else is pretty amazing about Kanye this week? He gave some mad love to his mama at the Victoria's Secret show. K-Dub performed a song with Jay-Z but also did his hit "Stronger", which he said he was supposed to perform for the show back in 2007 but couldn't because he mother had passed away. He then said, "She was my superhero. Now she's my super-angel." Aw, man. TEARS. If we see you in the street, Kanye, you best prepare yo'self because we may have to throw some hugs all up on ya. Preferably in that jacket, please.

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