Madonna Graces Double Covers For 'Harper's Bazaar'

Madonna on the cover of "Harper's Bazaar" magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of "Harper's Bazaar"

Madonna has notoriously been the queen of everything she touches. From pop music to the very act of reinvention, Madge has that undeniable Midas touch, and now with her latest venture into film as writer and director of the forthcoming W.E., hopes are high that this project will yield the same 24 karat success as her other endeavors. In promotion of both her movie and her starlet, Andrea Riseborough, the Material Girl appears on two versions of Harper's Bazaar's December issue cover.

Madge channels that old Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe glamour she works so well—platinum pin curls, figure-flattering cuts, and the lot—for the cover shoot, though she ditches the über-femme elbow-length satin gloves in favor of a more Katharine Hepburn interpretation. She lets newcomer Andrea be the silver screen glamazon, dripping in floor-length chiffon tiering to her smartly tailored directress. While certainly not the cone-bra of yesteryear, the angled felt hat, nearly painted-on black turtleneck, and those high-waisted trousers that seem to go on for DAYS don't prevent the Queen of Pop from being just as magnetic as she's always been. Peep the rest of the photos from Madonna and Andrea's cover shoot at!

{via Harper's Bazaar}

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