Demi Lovato Shines On Cover Of 'Latina' Magazine

Demi Lovato on the cover of "Latina" magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of "Latina"

If you aren't one by now, this smokin' hot photo of Demi Lovato on the cover of Latina magazine's December/January issue will turn you into a Lovatic FOR SURE. You may have been able to escape it before, but there will be no getting away from that core-deep glow or totally bonkers S-curve physique (I mean, YOWZA). Demi's beauty game, per usual, is on lock with just enough fresh-faced natural beauty to be simultaneously accessible AND envy-making. The deep-vee and slinky nature of this frock (which is the very definition of "body-con") are already flattering, but the patterned all-over beaded embroidery take the swooping eye-play up several notches while adding just the right dosage of glitz.

The glittery detail doesn't stop at her vestments, though. Demi's rocking large silver hoop earrings and a wristful of bangles to delicately accentuate the dress's metallic embellishments. Telescoping further into the ensemble, you're able to see Demi's DYNAMITE silver manicure—a look we'll be stealing throughout the holiday season. She may be posing for the winter months, but that bronze sheen has us banging at summer's door, begging for it to take us back. Also, the casual windswept locks. While we wish we were getting to see Demi's brand-new RED 'do fronting a glossy, we'll bite our tongues and try to be patient, letting her beautiful visage soothe us through the wait.


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