Nicki Minaj And Prince Perform At Versace For H&M Launch Event

Nicki Minaj performs at the Versace for the H&M launch event.
Photo: Courtesy of @NickiMNewspaper Twitter/@DXPrutting Twitter

As expected, last night's Versace for H&M launch event at New York's Pier 57 was bananalation nation to the umpteenth degree. Not only did stars from music to movies to OG fashion legends show up in droves, but each came dripping in their Versace finest from pieces ripped straight off the racks of the forthcoming Versace for H&M collection to vintage gems unearthed from the archives (which we imagine are held in a 24 karat gilded vault of MAMMOTH proportions). Along with a '90s nostalgic runway show, the event was punctuated by an afterparty, at which both Nicki Minaj and the incomparable Prince performed.

Nicki walked the pre-show red carpet clad in one of the line's many showstopping dresses. You can cop the patterned knee-length dress for yourself when the collection hits stores at 8 a.m. on Nov. 19 (mark your calendars, peeps!). Nicki's frock may have had some additional custom embellishing, but the dress itself features enough bells and whistles to keep you happy: on-trend long sleeves, mixed prints, shoulder and back cutouts, partially visible PATENT SHOULDER PADS. [insert positive expletive here] Natch, the lady had to make a wardrobe change before she hit the stage, and for her performance, Barbz slipped into a few more pieces from the line.

Nicki went HARD for a heart-pumping set, which included "Bottom's Up," "Super Bass," "Roman's Revenge," and "Moment 4 Life" wearing this deliciously Donatella cropped quilted jacket. As if the opulent imagery, aquatic scene, and velvet leopard print (brief pause to catch breath...aaaand resume) weren't enough, she wore it over this epic coordinating tee from the MEN'S COLLECTION! Because why not? Clothes are clothes are clothes and the gender labels are mere suggestions.

Prince performs at the Versace for H&M launch event.
Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/@nixcruz Twitter

Prince wore a sleek black suit with what looks like a high-necked vintage Versac' shirt and matching pocket square to watch the runway presentation. We particularly enjoy the special note taken to match the shades he wears so elegantly indoors with the iced out detailing on his satin cuffs. Well played, Prince. Well played. For his performance, the legend took to the mic in head-to-toe RED with a billowy top featuring a smattering of ruffles and tantalizing low-cut neckline. His pants, as one would imagine/hope/expect were slightly flared and splendidly *achem* fitted. *sigh* DREAMMMMM.

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