Check Out Rihanna’s Candid Style And Beauty In These Behind-The-Scenes Photos!

Rihanna backstage during her “Loud” tour.
Photo: Courtesy of Rihanna’s Facebook

Listen, we’re already obsessed with Rihanna’s performance outfits, red carpet style, and music video looks, but we’ve always been SO CURIOUS as to what kind of beauty and fashion game she’s rocking behind closed doors. Luckily, our prayers have been answered thanks to Rihanna’s Navy (her DIE-HARD fan base) who unlocked BUTTLOADS of behind-the-scenes photos by “like”-ing her on Facebook. There are shots of RiRi backstage, on vacation, and even recording her upcoming album Talk That Talk in to-die-for ensembles. We couldn’t stop clicking through photo after photo of Rihanna’s fun, adventurous life filled with jealousy-inducing beach style, and, like, it kinda makes us weirdly sad how FLAWLESS she is at all times. Just look at the above photo. If we were caught off guard and someone snapped our pic, we’d be a mangled MESS, but she’s working her angles so hard and there’s not a SINGLE hair out of place. Kind of insane, actually. We’re so overrun with sadness and jealously that we’ll never be this beautiful, so what do we do? LOOK AT MORE PICTURES, OBVIOUSLY.

Rihanna relaxing backstage during her “Loud” tour.
Photo: Courtesy of Rihanna’s Facebook

Oh, OK. Cool. Apparently the LESS makeup she wears, the better she looks. We love this effortless off-duty, oversized sweater style, and we just want to SNUGGLE RIGHT UP WITH HER. Like, this is what we imagine Rihanna looking like when she wakes up in the morning—absolutely perfect and shyly asking, “So…what are we having for breakfast?” And, yeah, these pics are JUST the beginning of all the fun, cute style Rihanna rocks offstage—be prepared for more ’dorbs RiRi hangtime ahead!


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