Katy Perry, Amber Lancaster, And Poppy Delevigne Sport The Week's Best Shoes

Katy Perry, Amber Lancaster, and Poppy Delevigne sport the best shoes of the week.
Photo: Getty Images

Being a shoe enthusiast can be really difficult in a world where the nude pump and a smart black heel are king. Thankfully, there still exist the brave few who dare to step *badum tsh* away from the basics, at least for a little while, and these bold risk-takers are celebrated here at MTV Style. This week's well-heeled innovators, blazing the trail (literally and figuratively) for all who may follow are Katy Perry, Amber Lancaster, and Poppy Delevigne.

Katy Perry stepped out on the 2011 EMA red carpet pairing a pastel sunglasses-prnit Jeremy Scott bodycon with a pair of those MEGA-platform JScott saddle shoes that sparked such a buzz after his camp Western Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week show. The nifty kicks fit perfectly with the rest of Katy's bubblegum rockabilly outfit, all the way down to the pink-painted platforms (weeee alliteration!). The shoes are not only striking enough to rock on the red carpet, they're also pretty sensible (as far as heels go). While they sit sky-high for sure, the base is thick and the heels are blocked for easy mobility so long as you're not trying to dominate a game of pick-up basketball in the things. A little motherly warning, though, the soles appear hard and not the most ideal for shock-absorption, so watch your knees if you're wearing a shoe like this for a long time!

Defying the season, Amber Lancaster paired her graphic print dress one-shoulder cocktail dress with a bold neon green sandal. Granted the event she was attending (the California premiere of Jack and Jill) was West Coast, where it's deliciously temperate year-round (#jealousyyy), so she has a little more seasonal leeway, but there's no denying the summery feel of the shoes from the delicate T-strap to the peep-toe. The juxtaposition of the lime earrings is a little matchy-poo predictable, but just seeing that BLADOW green South of August is refreshing enough for us to be totally smitten.

Model Poppy Delevigne is certainly no stranger to a colossal heel, yet she chose to wear *gasp* FLATS to the UK premiere of Arthur Christmas. But as a model, it's part of the job description to have your finger on the pulse of fashion, so natch, flats they may be, they're not your run-of-the-mill black patent ballets. Poppy finished off her casual grey sandblasted jeans and fur jacket with a pair of lovingly worn-in STUDDED navy Converse-style hi-tops. Had she worn a shoe with the canvas side panels exposed, the ensemble would have felt bare and a little too underdressed for a movie premiere, but the gold spiky studs provided the extra dose of glitz her outfit needed.


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