Nicki Minaj Wears Dress Made Entirely Of Stuffed Animal Heads, Makes Us Want To Give Her Hugs

Nicki Minaj Stuffed Animal Dress

Nicki Minaj sports a stuffed animal dress.
Photo: @NickiMinaj's Twitter

From chicken wings to puff balls, Nicki Minaj wears A LOT of things that, um, aren't usually meant to be worn as clothes. Just this weekend she sported an ensemble that can be added to her non-clothing-worn-as-clothing repertoire—a dress made entirely of stuffed animals! On Sunday, Ms. Minaj tweeted a link to the pic above, which shows her backstage during the "Fireball" music video shoot with Willow Smith (!!!). She stood in the dressing room decked out in a cotton candy pink curly bob, loads of diamond bangles, her signature "Barbie" nameplate necklace, knee-high furry boots, and, of course, THAT dress! And this isn't just, like, stuffed animals all mashed together haphazardly into a dress, this is a beautifully arranged assortment of teddy bears, bunnies, ducks, and frogs neatly alined on her frock. But... if you look close, RULL CLOSE, you'll notice something a little, erm, disarming.

THEY ARE JUST THE HEADS OF THE ANIMALS. *gasp* We've heard of animal cruelty, but BEHEADING STUFFED ANIMALS AND THEN PARADING AROUND IN THEM IS JUST PLAIN WRONG. Nah, we're just kidding. It actually looks REALLY cute, and who knew that stuffed animal heads would make KILLER shoulder pads? (Hide your children.) We can't wait until this video comes out so we can (hopefully) peep this dress in its full 360-degree glory, and, is it just us or are you getting a MAJOR urge to wanna give Nicki tons of hugs in that dress? What? She looks so cuddly.

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