Kanye West Has A Thing For Leather Pants And Air Yeezy 2s (And Kilts!)

kanye west leather kilt watch the throne tour

Kanye West performs on the 'Watch The Throne' tour.
Photo: Getty Images

Whenever there's a lull in the day or a collective silence, or sometimes when the fashion horizon is cloudy and gray, we here at MTV Style like to ponder what's transpiring in the world of Kanye West. Always an arbiter of style and, as of late, a bona fide designer, too, Mr. West never fails to kick it up at events or turn it out on the streets. We know he's currently touring his Watch the Throne project with Jay-Z, so when we checked in to see what he's been wearing onstage, we were astounded, y'all. Not only was he wearing the EXACT SAME Air Yeezy 2s and leather pants combo we spied him wearing on the sidewalks of Soho recently, he was also wearing a—gasp—LEATHER KILT.

OK, we have nothing against kilts. One of us (yours truly!) actually has some Scottish heritage, but whoooaaa, this is a lotta leatha! Upon super close inspection, it also appears to be a double layer of leather on the kilt, making it a triple layer with the addition of the pants, and we're assuming K's special edition Air Yeezys are also constructed with cow hide. No wonder you're sporting sprockets of sweat, K-Dub! Leather is stifling, yo! Also, why so much t-shirt? This ensemb could stand to have that tee shortened a bit to show off the skirt, er KILT, while also giving you a bit of shape. We like that you accessorized with the black armband and the watch, though. (Do you ever check the time while you're on stage? Like in between songs or for emphasis? Just wondering.) And thanks ever so much for reminding us that you're a star with actual STARS draped over your clavicle because you ARE. White stars on black fabric are very Dolce & Gabbana fall 2011, which is cool. We're still wondering if this is your de facto costume or if this leather pants AND kiltie combo are a one-off. We'll continue to check in with ya and see, oh YEEZ OF OUR DREAMZ, because, like always, what you wear is always interesting.

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